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Jason Wingreen, disintegrated from history by Lucasfilm, for their new doc on Boba Fett
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25-Nov-2021, 1:43 PM

jedi_bendu said:

LexX said:

Also, I couldn’t care less about Legos and I don’t even know what you are talking about in the last sentence.

The controversy generated around Slave 1 all came from when the Lego set released and it was just called ‘Boba Fett’s starship’. The story was that Disney were censoring the word ‘slave’ due to its sensitive nature, but it was all completely false. Nothing outside of the world of Lego sets changed. That’s what I know about it anyway.

And I was annoyed at you for bringing up such an idiotic point of discussion when this issue of Jason Wingreen’s work not being recognised is what’s actually being discussed in this thread.

Yes. And my previous respond still stands the same even after your next post. I also couldn’t care less what some guy gets annoyed by.

Mostly this topic seemed to be about the new doc that I haven’t seen and what it did/did not include despite its aggressively clickbait-y title. Not sure what is expected from this topic then, people just crying about the fact what has happened? Yes, it’s sad and probably everyone agrees, but not surprising since he hasn’t been in the official version for 17 years. Anyways, the documentary has been made and it’s out, so that’s that. But yeah, I got the answer to my question, that Slave I didn’t get mentioned either in a full documentary about Boba Fett which didn’t surprise me hence the question. Thanks to Johann for answering so I didn’t have to start a new topic for one yes/no question.