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#ReleaseTheOriginalTrilogy | OriginalTrilogy•com’s enduring goal | how you can help ❗
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25-Nov-2021, 10:17 AM
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28-Nov-2021, 8:19 AM
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An introduction…

The enduring goal of OriginalTrilogy•com… and us supporting #ReleaseTheOriginalTrilogy - by Star Wars Visual Comparisons.


25+ years have passed - a generation - since the last dedicated release of the unaltered theatrical cut of the Original Trilogy.

15 years have passed since the release of the ‘GOUT’ DVDs of the classic version of the OT films as ‘bonus disks’ - which was considered a lazy & substandard effort even back in 2006; its source being a laserdisc master for a previous 1993 release.

This thread serves as a reminder as to what the OriginalTrilogy•com is about, why it was created, a little of the site’s history, its evolution into fan preservations & fan edits, and also the site’s enduring goal - the same now in 2021 as it was back in 2003…

As a wise old young middle-aged man once said…

"While many of us appreciate and enjoy George Lucas’ creative evolution of the classic Star Wars films via the various releases of the ever-changing ‘Special Editions’, we respectfully state that there is tremendous importance in the original theatrical prints of the Star Wars Trilogy.

Above and beyond the nostalgic value that they hold for millions of fans the world over, Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi are landmark films that represent watershed moments in motion picture history. To preserve the original, award-winning work of the many artisans, sound technicians, craftsmen, and special effects artists is to do justice to their priceless contributions.

Undeniably, these movies are also cultural placeholders for millions of film fans. The impact that the original Star Wars Trilogy made on countless numbers of children, young people, and grownups everywhere is indisputable. Preserving the unaltered theatrical release forms of these movies and making them available to the public is of utmost importance.

An entire generation grew up with these movies and still love them dearly. We have created treasured memories and will always hold a place in our lives. We have bought the cinema tickets, video tapes, Laserdiscs, VCDs, DVDs, Blu Rays, artwork, posters, comics, books, soundtracks, games, figures, toys, lunchboxes, the various Special Editions, spin-offs, the Prequels, the Sequels, Standalone movies, Holiday Special, the Ewok movies, the many animated tv series - and literally bought the t-shirt…

…we just ask for the option to buy & watch the unaltered original Star Wars Trilogy - on a high quality, modern digital format."

^ some bloke named Jay (paraphrased).




^ by doubleofive - OT•com member and curator of the comprehensive ‘Star Wars Visual Comparisonstwitter page & website.

In 2020, shortly after the 2019 ‘Maclunkey’ Special Edition version of the Original Trilogy films were made available on their newly operational Disney+ streaming service, doubleofive wrote a compelling article for the Wired website, and later a follow-up piece on the Star Wars Visual Comparisons website… highlighting the numerous alterations made to the films over the years and the differing Special Edition releases. Within these articles is an appeal to both Disney & Lucasfilm…

…To make available all the differing incarnations of the Original Trilogy over the years - to #ReleaseTheOriginalTrilogy

The two insightful articles written by doubleofive are linked to below - they also chronicle and highlight how many fans feel about not having the option to buy and experience an official release of the unaltered theatrical version of the Original Trilogy:-

Disney+ Should Offer the Star Wars Original Cuts — All of Them - article at the Wired website.

What We Want And How To Make It - article at the Star Wars Visual Comparisons website.


#ReleaseTheOriginalTrilogy merch is available at SWVC - with 50% of any profit going to’s Maximum Impact Fund.

#ReleaseTheOriginalTrilogy is not about the ‘theatrical cut vs the various special editions’ or which is ‘the best’, ‘preferred’, ‘canon’ or ‘definitive’ version. It is simply about giving the fans the opportunity to own and view any & all of the differing versions of the Original Trilogy - whilst also affording landmark film history to be once again enjoyed and experienced by everyone.


This is obviously something the OriginalTrilogy•com site staff and the overwhelming number of members here fully endorse.

Hence the creation of this thread in supporting doubleofive’s #ReleaseTheOriginalTrilogy campaign - with some additional information below on how us, the fans, can all help contribute and hopefully realise such a release for these three iconic films…