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Peter Pan
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The Original Trilogy Radical Redux Ideas Thread
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25-Nov-2021, 4:10 AM

A while ago, I posted about an idea to radically alter Episode 6, to incorporate some kind of biological weapon instead of another Death Star. Both to avoid a rehash of Episode 4 as well as raise the stakes infinitively. If our hero’s fail, the emperor will use this weapon to eradicate all alien life in the galaxy.

So basically James Bond made me think about this again.
Spoiler alert if you haven’t seen it yet: Because of the Nano bots I had to think of this again.

So here is me trying to incorporate it into the movie.
And first things first the Death Star needs to stay, at least optically. It would be to much of a pain to cut it out of any space battle, meeting and background shot. But it would be the remains of the first one now. The story I have in mind is the following: The empire was already working on their genocide-virus-weapon thing, back in Episode 4. (maybe add a little remark from on of the Imperials during their meeting with Tarkin and Vader in Episode 4)’, to set this up properly)
Then the rebel alliance destroyed the Death Star and unknowingly the rescued everybody. But the empire repaired the Death Star in part to resume their work on the weapon.

Now to keep most of the material in the movie, the Death Star would still be protected by the shield generator and the rebels would still try to fly inside the Death Star and destroy something inside, causing the whole station to blow up again. Only difference would be that the wouldn’t target the main reactor but some generator that is vital to the production of this toxin. Redub Mon Mothma and Ackbar to explain the plan during the meeting.

And obviously there wouldn’t be a trap in form of a fleet hiding behind the moon, but this fleet would rather be expected to be there, because the emperor needs the ships to deploy the weapon in every part of the galaxy.

And instead of the super-Laser hitting the Liberty, it would get shot with this weapon, killing all the Mon-Calamari on board.