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Star Wars releases you previously disliked, but now like or enjoy?
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23-Nov-2021, 5:28 AM

I don’t think any SW release has grown on me more over time. Of course I appreciate different things as an adult than when I was a kid but if I still like something it’s because I liked it in the first place. Unfortunately many things have the exact opposite arc like many others have when first they like or at least try to like all SW and then they realize they’re fooling themselves. E.g. I haven’t watched the prequels in 15 years and it has actually made me appreciate the OT even more like I initially did. The ST had a very quick dropoff from thinking TFA was meh and now disliking it firmly, and now I have only seen TLJ twice and TROS once. I guess I could give them one back to back viewing at some point but they do not interest me in the least.