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A Watchmen (HBO) edit that makes Hooded Justice's origin into a 2 hour movie - The Bass Reeves Cut (Released)
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21-Nov-2021, 12:00 PM

ThanosM. said:

I finally sat and watched your Bass Reeves Cut, and I loved it!

I was not one of those who loved the mini-series, but I surely liked it a lot. Watchmen covered many ambitious themes and ideas and it span through many rich plotlines. With your cut you managed to capture the most intersting plotline of the show and you delivered a storng and condensed story, as promised.
As far as a fanedit goes, it was flawless. There was not a single moment that I felt like I was watching a fanedit.

If I had to give some minor notes, I would suggest a different title card (maybe something more stylized) and perhaps getting rid of the very final shots of Angela which looked like a set-up for a potential sequel. But again, this is just nitpicking.

Great job, you really nailed it!

Thank you so much!! Having it not feel like a fan edit is strangely the best compliment any fan editor can probably receive 😉

I did love the mini series but felt that it did a real disservice to Will’s story and its themes in the last episode. This was my little attempt to provide an alternative. So glad it resonated!

While I probably won’t remove the final shot, I agree with you that the title card isn’t as good as it could be. Motion graphics have never been my forte. But maybe this will be my excuse to sit down and learn a bit!

Appreciate you taking the time to watch!