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Frank Herbert's Dune - The Spence Edit Revised (Released)
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18-Nov-2021, 4:24 PM
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4-Jan-2022, 11:39 AM
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I am currently working on an updated version of this edit. This is a remake of the edit from the ground up with a better HD quality source, new and extended scenes, different color timing, and a 5.1 surround track. This will be the definitive version of my Dune edit, so if you’re curious about it, I’d wait for the newer version.

Some changes:

  • Additional scenes: New/extended dream sequences for Paul, Yueh and Jessica in the palace, Paul is visited by the Reverend Mother, Paul rides the worm.
  • 2:35:1 cropping is further refined, now moving within the same shot to keep the framing correct throughout.
  • Further color correction and use of LUT’s to make the cinematography more cinematic.
  • Further soundtrack replacement/additions from Children of Dune.
  • Extended runtime, 2 hrs 49 minutes.

Here is a new trailer for the film:

It will likely be out within the next 10 days or so.

Below information is for the original version of this edit:

Original film title: Frank Herbert’s Dune
Fanedit film title: Frank Herbert’s Dune - The Spence Edit[SIZE=+0]
[/SIZE]Date Original Film Was Released: 2000
Date Fanedit Was Released: August, 2014
Original Runtime: 265 mins
New Runtime: 163 mins
Time Cut: 102 mins

Intention: To create a feature film version of the Dune Miniseries that runs at under 3 hours.

Every shot has been individually cropped to fit the 2:35:1 aspect ratio. Elements of the score have been changed, many subplots have been cut, many obnoxious colors have been desaturated.

There’s honestly way too many things to note them all, but here’s the big stuff:

  • Crop the footage to 2:35:1 and desaturate the over-bright colors to make it more “cinematic”. The film was actually originally shot in 2:1 ratio, so the cropping actually works quite well. Still, ever shot had to be hand cropped.
  • Brian Tyler’s score from Children of Dune has been incorporated and blended in with Graeme Revell’s original score. Both composers are credited.
  • New opening credits sequence.
  • Princess Irulan’s subplot with Feyd is removed. It doesn’t really add anything to the story, she’s just finding out things we already know.
  • Paul is less whiny, less childish. Because this footage is so condensed, I needed to make him a little stronger right off the bat, so we can believe he has grown into the leader he becomes.
  • The first act of the movie has been chopped up the most, completely reordered with a large amount of scenes removed.
  • The majority of the cutting I did was for pacing and truncating the plot. Though it’s still a long film, this length to me feels like the perfect amount of time to tell this story without it feeling hacked to bits.