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Query: anyone done a The Empire Strikes Back Super 8 HD Recreation? (with release info)
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17-Nov-2021, 1:36 AM
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17-Nov-2021, 10:21 AM
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The 8mm digest is unique audio, not found on the 70mm mix (morgands1’s in-theater recording confirms this). However, it may have some of the alternate video present on the 70mm prints. I think Puggo Edition actually has the missing radar dish on the Falcon that people report on the 70mm prints, and maybe others? Not sure, but I didn’t see this on your vimeo link. I also don’t know which ending it would have, although I suspect it’d have to be the 70mm ending, similar to what you have in your vimeo clip. You could use the morgands1 audio here to maybe get something that flows better, but the quality would drop, so maybe not.

Yes, I love that alternate Leia line because her lips actually match the dialogue for a change!

EDIT: I’m also not sure you’re clipping the right bits for the 70mm ending. What you’re clipping matches what adywan did, but I’m not sure adywan got it right either (but I could be wrong too). There’s three shots:

  1. Rear of fleet, not showing Falcon
  2. Front of fleet, showing docked Falcon
  3. Closeup showing Falcon and medical bay

Two of the three were added for the 35mm cut, but which two? Adywan removed 1 & 3, but the audio lines up just as well removing 2 & 3. Considering that the stated reason for the additional shots was “to allow the viewer to see where Lando and Chewie were with respect to Luke and Leia”, it seems like 2 & 3 are the shots that do that. Just having shot #1 gives you no idea, and then I can see why they added those other two scenes for the 35mm cut. Shot #2 gives you a decent idea on its own, so I’m not sure why someone would feel the need to add the other two shots, especially because #1 doesn’t provide any additional context at all.