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Stranger Things - Film Edition (Released)
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16-Nov-2021, 5:07 AM
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Hello everyone, a few updates.

Although this topic hasn’t been active, many people have been asking for my Stranger Things series-to-films edits (some of them providing great feedback) and I am really happy about that.

But I haven’t been quite happy about the quality of these edits for some time now. So, currently, after a lot of practice on simillar projects I haven’t shared yet (including His Dark Materials and Penny Dreadful edits), I am in the process of revisiting Stranger Things.

I have completed Stranger Things 3 with better pacing, smoother transitions and a shorter runtime cutting 20 minutes of the 3h and 22min film that originally was.
Now I am close on finishing Stranger Things 2 as well (I don’t know if I am going to redo the first film, I am actually quiet happy about that one) and here is where I need some help and advises.

Again my main goal is to achive better pacing and smoother transitions and, of course, a shorter runtime, the main issue being the whole plot with Eleven leaving Hawkins. Since it was an unpopular chapter that didn’t seem to affect the main plot, I am plannig to remove The Lost Sister episode again, resulting to a slightly shorter cut than the 3h and 5min cut that is currently sitting on.
However, since I am going for an even shorter cut, I am thinking of removing El’s visit to her mom as well. The film will follow Eleven until she finds Hopper’s files and then catch up with her again when she enters Will’s house, leaving her absence as a mystery. In this case, I will put together a new film (something like a companion film) which will follow Eleven’s journey outside of Hawkins where she finds her mom and Kali before reunite with the gang.

Which of the two versions you think would work better? Would you be intrested in a shorter Stranger Things 2 with a huge chunk of Eleven gone, plus a companion film, or do you think that leaving Eleven’s story out of it would affect the narration of the film?

Any kind of feedback or idea that I haven’t thought of would be much appreciated.