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Hal 9000
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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)
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15-Nov-2021, 9:58 PM

Perhaps at the scripting stage (or before), but I imagine trying to fundamentally alter things to that degree would be outside this project’s scope. However, I’d welcome anyone to use the ProRes output I’ll make available to pursue more radical edits.

I think Palpatine’s motives are made a little more intuitive than in the theatrical (especially for V2), and Palpatine has a history of saying things to hero characters that make them less likely to do what he wants. I think there’s a difference between necromancy and selflessly (?) giving your own life-energy to heal the body-still-warm recently departed. If anything, it was rude of Rey not to return the favor. Maybe she could have tried if he hadn’t vanished. Good thing she didn’t vanish, though, I guess. I think I remember hearing (or saying) it’d be funny to have Rey vanish juuust as Ben has almost finished hobbling over to her.