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Episode IX. From The Darkness (WIP)
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15-Nov-2021, 7:26 PM

Hello There everyone, as many might already know this is going to be My Personal Audition of Episode IX, doing many different things compared to the theatrical version. It’s like a “real” fan edit, using VFX and SFX, but also a fan made project using Brand New Animation Scenes from Movie Duels as well as Action Figure Sequences that will add on scenes that should’ve been in the film, for example Kylo Ren interrogating Chewbacca and The Webbish Bog Sequence on Mustafar. Many Things will be different from The Theatrical Cut. Many Aspects of Collin Trevorrow’s and JJ Abram’s Early Drafts will be used for this project, as well as my own. If anyone wants to personally help or give suggestions down below you may. Free Criticism is aloud. Thank you.

Major Fan Edit/Animation Changes for this Verson

  1. Rey is a Palpatine, but also killed her parents.
  2. Finn gets a whole lot more to do
  3. The Beginning is EXTENDED
  4. Emperor Palpatine’s return is explained with Cloning
  5. Luke Skywalker will be Haunting Ben Solo
  6. Anakin is going to redeem Ben
  7. Captain Phasma returns in a Big Way To Benefit Finn’s Character
  8. Corasaunt and Naboo are going to be involved within the plot
  9. General Pryde will be more threatening
  10. Overall more Tie-ins to the past films, unitng this film as the conclusion to The Skywalker Story and their legacy.

Links to Some Cool Stuff
Poster- https://i.imgur.com/nOzyBMj.jpg
Your Origins- https://streamable.com/n2lgzt
The Galactic Fleet WORKPRINT- https://streamable.com/em1332
The Fate of Ben Solo WORKPRINT- https://streamable.com/emi6o3 - Based off of JX Editor’s Edit- LOVED IT