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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)
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15-Nov-2021, 1:30 PM

I don’t know if this is the right thread, but a thought I had recently about Ben’s ghost:

This idea never quite sat right with me, and I now realize it isn’t just because it breaks the “twin suns” symmetry… And I think in principle, having Ben’s ghost is a good idea. In Jedi, Luke and his dad have a one-on-one convo before he dies. Then, when he sees the ghosts hanging out, he’s looking at his former masters and someone who belongs in their generation (much older than Luke). Three old guys who are dead, that each taught Luke something, in a way.

Rey and Ben on the other hand, are contemporaries! They also didn’t have a conversation before Ben died. So to me it seems weird that she’s looking off at her former masters AND Ben, who, really, doesn’t quite “belong” in the afterlife. If anything, it would seem more appropriate that Luke+Leia and Ben appear to her separately (I’m not suggesting this, because it would not really be possible to implement). Vader gets to die with some dignity after leading most of his life as an evil murderer. This isn’t Ben’s story. As per the movie, Rey and Kylo are two that are one. They share an spiritual intimacy (per the movie!) that I think is broken by the three-Skywalker shot. It just seems so distant. “Forget all that dyad stuff, Rey, I’m hanging out with my mom and uncle now, byeee”

Again, might not be the right thread, but with the assumption that some years down the line the edit will be revisited 😉 … what are people’s thoughts on having JUST BEN as a force ghost for that shot, replacing Mark and Carrie entirely?? So instead of Rey getting adopted, we’d get a kind of force marriage?