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9-Nov-2021, 9:44 PM

I watched Bond 25 No time to Die. The worst James Bond since Quantum of Solace. Not going to spoil the film but it was so disappointing. I wanted to like it but it felt very uneven and flat and paint by numbers. I’d give it two and a half stars.

Maybe i set myself up hoping it was going to be poignant and heartbreaking like OHMSS. It felt forced. Craig showed zero emotion or gravitas like he was going through the motions.

The Cinematography wasn’t spectacular, the action was listless and boring. The music was muted and almost not there.

Lashana was very good but she is barely in the movie. Honestly all the supporting characters feel like they weren’t well developed. Money Penny and Q and M, and Felix and etc etc.

Weak Villain and even weaker plot/maguffin.