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Midichlorians Are Not The Force
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7-Nov-2021, 6:27 PM
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Servii said:

It is kind of odd how the reveal of Anakin’s midichlorian count comes before we even learn what midichlorians are. Then, after they’re explained in detail by Qui-Gon, they’re not brought up again for the rest of the movie or the next movie. It feels like they went through all this effort to have Qui-Gon explain the concept because George really wanted it in the movie. It seems like one of those ideas that should have been left on the cutting room floor, but George was really attached to the concept and insisted it be spelled out for the audience.

I agree. George really did screw the whole thing up of midichlorians in the films.
And blaming fans for being the excuse why he didn’t mention it again is typical George, taking responsibility away from himself and placing it at the door of others.
If George could have handled it half as well as when he had Kenobi explain the force in the original Star Wars, and then had Yoda expanding on it in TESB, George would have likely pulled it off.
Instead we got what you described.
Not expanding on it in later films also didn’t help the whole midichlorians thing. Like George was embarrassed about it, so he dropped it.