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The 80s
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  1. Did you participate in the early home video revolution? If so, how did you, for instance, obtain all of the episodes of Star Trek (TOS)?

I worked at a Walden Books in the late 1980’s.
We had two customers who ordered the entire entire series of Star Trek on VHS.
We had two large stacks in the stock room of their unclaimed orders.
Every other two weeks each guy came in, figuring payday, and bought two tapes.
One guy asked for specific tapes, the other guy was like “surprise me.”

  1. Were you tech-savvy? If so, were you an audiophile, a videophile, a computing enthusiast/programmer, …?

I tend to be a late adopter to pretty much everthing. I was an audiophile and used to make (what I thought that the time) were fairly elaborate music mixes on cassette tapes using two cd players, a turntable and a radio shack mixer.
I was big on Super 8 cut downs of movies in the 70s and followed them into the 80s until the US manufacturers (Ken Films, Castle Films, MFI) stopped making these as Beta & VHS took over. I remember when I bought the Star Wars tilogy on VHS I went to town on my super 8 digests and made my own little fanedit, doing things like cutting in the asteroid field from TEBS into ANH when the Facoln comes out of hyperspace before being captured into the death star, things like that. The Star Destroyer chase from TESB made it into ANH to make the Tatooine escape a bit more dynamic.