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Have the Disney+ versions of the OT been released on DVD in North America?
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7-Nov-2021, 6:35 AM
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7-Nov-2021, 8:28 AM
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JadedSkywalker said:

All the official DVD releases worldwide appear to be the 2019 reissue of the 2011 masters.

No mate - they are not.

(Though it is a very easy to make such a mistake - as some retailers did so when dispatching orders to customers given the similar artwork and release dates between the two releases. There is a little more about it in here. It is very confusing.)

I can’t say for certain but i believe if the 2020 version is on DVD its probably a bootleg.

No mate - they are the official releases.


There are 2019 Skywalker Saga (the ‘Maclunkey’ Special Editions) officially released and available on DVD:- (the 9 disc box set)


There are a few reviews of the 9-disc Skywalker Saga DVD box set up on youtube too:-

‘Star Wars - Die Skywalker Saga - DVD Box Set’ (the German release of the 9-disc Saga DVD box set):- - 4 minute video, from the The Unknown YouTuber666 youtube channel.

A 5-minute UK review, at the Hectic Tazmania youtube channel, can be found here -


The 2019 version (the ‘Maclunkey’ Special Editions) are also available individually to buy on DVD (as with 4K/UHD and blu ray):-




I don’t know if there are official NTSC releases of the 2019 ‘Maclunkey’ Special Editions available to buy in North America.

However, IF you were happy to have an official PAL version on DVD of the 2019 ‘Maclunkey’ Special Editions on import… and also have a multi-region DVD player (or a DVD player that can be made multi-region)… then this may be an option:- (circa $57?) - maybe cheaper at other places too?