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Episode I: The Eyepainter Fanedit (v3 released)(v3.5 a WIP)
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6-Nov-2021, 3:53 AM

Alright, it’s been a while. Time for an update!

The move is taking a lot longer than I expected. I will be moving to a friend’s place temporarily at the start of next year, and I’m planning on moving somewhere else in the summer of next year (provided things go according to plan). I haven’t forgotten my work on the prequels at all, but it’s obvious why things are a little hectic at the moment.

On the bright side, this move has given me plenty of time to mull over things while I’m preparing to pack up. And for that reason, I’ve been entertaining a few interesting ideas for what to do next. I’m still deciding which ones to commit to, but here’s one I’d like to try out in the future to whet everyone’s appetites.

After a lot of difficulties with LUT’s, I’d like to give a gigantic thank you to this video down below, as it completely demystified a lot of issues I’ve had with LUT’s:

After that YouTube video, I decided to try my hand at seeing if it brought the results I hoped it would.

Here’s what v3 looks like at present:
Original v3 Grade_1 78 1 T

And here’s what it looks like when I added a DCI-P3 Fujifilm 3513DI D55 LUT using the technique described in the video above:
Film Look LUT_1 78 2 T

Although I do have my opinions, I’m curious to hear what others think about it. Keep in mind that the bottom example is the LUT itself. I haven’t done any color corrections to it at all, with the exception of adding a broadcast safe node and a node containing the Cineon film log Color Space Transform, as described in the YouTube video. So naturally, I’m not expecting it to be perfect.

And yes, I’m working on that commentary track. In fact, I recorded a few sound bytes this evening. I’m still on the pod race (and yes, you can blame the move for it taking so long), but I’m still here.

So, I think that’s everything for now. Things are a little on the crazy side, but I think once the dust has settled, expect some interesting developments to occur.