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The Force Awakens: Starlight (V1.1 Released!)
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5-Nov-2021, 5:35 AM

A couple more loose thoughts, and responses to other feedback in this thread:

  • Starlight / Rekindled / Ascendent is absolutely the canon trilogy for me too. I’m ready for that cinema date with you all.
  • The additions when Rey touches the Skywalker lightsaber, and Ben and Han touch Ben’s lightsaber, work nicely with your idea to show Ben owning the Skywalker lightsaber in the TLJ flashbacks. Lightsabers are powerful force artefacts, and I like the idea that that gives them a degree of memory/vision. It also could be understood by the viewer as part of what contributed to Ben’s vision of Han on the Death Star wreckage in TROS, since Ben’s wielding the lightsaber that killed Han.
  • In TLJ, can we also please get a flash of sith eyes when Rey on Ach-To “goes straight to the dark”, to tie back to this?
  • Regarding the tracking device, could we maybe have a cutaway shot of the light turning on (maybe with a ‘turning on’ sound effect), and then when Han’s disabling it, can we do that as a cutaway too (with a ‘turning off’ effect), just to make that point last a little longer?
  • On BMadden’s idea to retain the shot of the gang member being punched into the rathtar’s mouth: While I do enjoy that shot, I’d argue that the way the scene is cut now, with far less visible rathtars, still works better, to emphasise the ‘unknown fear’ aspect. They’re scarier in your imagination, and them being scary makes this scene more tense (and valuable) than if it’s more of an ‘adventure’ scene evading a clear creature.
  • On the Jakku colouring, as I said previously I absolutely think that this current version of the film should be considered ‘complete’ and cinema-worthy. It’s certainly not broken anywhere, and the existing grade is fantastic. But if we are thinking about potential tweaks to the Jakku regrade, I’d perhaps retain more blueness in the sky so it’s less blown out, tone the white sand down just a little (so there’s just a hint of yellow-brown), and bring some of the remaining yellow-brown sand shots closer to the new white.
  • Counter to hinvention’s opinion, I thought that the changes to the dialogue about the Senate/Hosnian system being targeted really worked.