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The Force Awakens: Starlight (Released)
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5-Nov-2021, 12:42 AM

Watched it earlier today, it was absolutely fantastic! I love the new shots and VFX. The Hosnian Prime destruction works so well and I love the island sketch. The new voice lines were also amazing, the TR8R lines and the Kylo mind reading lines worked perfectly. One of my favorite parts was the mind trick, I thought everything was excellent! I love how Rey is strong because she taps into the dark side, it makes the movie way more interesting and plays into TLJ and TROS much better. The restored deleted scenes are incredible and I didn’t really miss anything that was cut.

If I had to nitpick, I think the only edits that really stood out to me were:
-Some changed voice lines, Leia’s line about them targeting the senate and kylo’s “finish what he started” line. I know these are tough to get sounding perfectly but those are the two that stood out to me a little. Love the overall changes behind each of them though.
-The Han dice scene is absolutely amazing, but I can still make out some distortion on his face, although idk if i would have spotted it first time watching.
-Not sure if this was even your edit but at around 1:33:00 there’s a weird cut off on Kylos line as he senses Han.
-I do agree that Jakku looks a little bit blown out at times, especially when the sky is completely white too. I think maybe making the sky more visible and then upping the whiteness on scenes noted above like Rey’s ATAT house and Finn’s crash would help balance it all out.

Overall this is by far my favorite TFA edit right now, I can’t wait to see what you do next, maybe in a TLJ edit? 😃 Great work!