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The Force Awakens: Starlight (Released)
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4-Nov-2021, 9:18 PM
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I hope people don’t find it strange when they find out I have a framed printout of a review on my wall…

But seriously, thank you for the review! It means just so much.

On to your comments!

TR-8R was dubbed by the wonderful Axlanian, who also did the replacement for ‘Ship’s clear’ in the Kylo Falcon scene. My voice is much less commanding, alas.

I hadn’t deeply inspected the original transitions, so you’re probably correct that they take too long. I’ve also been struggling to find a good way to do the wipes since Premiere often throws weird glitches my way. It could stand another look.

The score for this film is noticeably buried in the mix. I haven’t tried specifically to bring it out, though that is a good suggestion.

Color will always be a moving target, so it’s inevitable that I will be tinkering with that later.

The Falcon tracking device idea is one that I’m not sure how to implement effectively, other than putting an obvious audio announcement or sign on the device that says “TRACKING DEVICE” which rather defeats the purpose. Any more thoughts would help here.

The mind trick scene originally had an escalation as you describe. My intention was to have his idle threats give way to a tension-filled silence when he approaches as if his intentions are unclear. I’m pretty happy with how it works, though opinions differ I’m sure.

I’ll have to check the celebration shot again for Chewie removal.

The binary beacon was originally supposed to be on the bed beside Finn’s head - very prominently placed - but upon inspecting the scene we see that the bed is just below shot. I put the beacon off on a table beside the bed which quickly pans out of shot, so it’s something that you have to really look for. I’m fine with this, honestly, since it’s technically there but doesn’t draw attention to itself or distract from the scene.

The etching was done in Photoshop with a brush I created to replicate the effect of scraping on metal.

Again, thank you for the kind words and good criticism, it made my day!