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Query: anyone done a The Empire Strikes Back Super 8 HD Recreation? (with release info)
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27-Oct-2021, 5:07 PM
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12-Nov-2021, 11:12 AM
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Current update:

The video is finished. Even with the learning curve, matching up the video only took a couple of days!

The audio mix, however, is a total bear. Thankfully, some stuff is taken straight from the 1980 version of the film. Other parts, however, have different music, overlapping music, sound effects borrowed from other shots, etc. Making it more difficult is that the center channels (from every surround mix I have, anyway) usually have music married to the dialogue, so if the 8mm music is different, isolating the dialogue requires trickery that works better than others sometimes. This makes some choices necessary for compromise. I do realize, incidentally, that the intended audience is limited - and in fact may be just myself.

The good part is noticing bits of dialogue that are, AFAIK, exclusive to the 8mm digest version (and possibly the 70mm release): Leia saying “We’ve got to go BACK!” Instead of “I know where Luke is…” (btw, the footage suggests that she actually said “We’ve got to go Back” during filming), Lando speaking to Han off camera in Cloud City, Leia saying “Hurry Up” to Lando, and the (temp?) alternate Cloud Car Pilot lines…
The bad of course, is trying to get clean, usable versions of those.

Mad respect to the people who’ve had to deal with audio changes in their own projects.