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The Clone Wars: Refocused [SEVEN episodes upgraded to v2.0 (s01e06)]
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22-Oct-2021, 1:54 PM

EddieDean said:

Excellent, thanks Paja! I haven’t changed much of the original order at all, but have some questions!

  • The Maul content works very well standalone, with including these episodes between one another I feel boosts a fiercer danger in the background.
  • The Mortis arc being situated here I believe strengthens Yoda’s arc by perhaps having the viewer wonder later if the vast majority of the events in that arc were just a vision or not.
  • Scipio felt like a nice and slow interval, especially after the events of Ahsoka’s fall.
  • I feel the first Yoda episode would be better off merged with the later three.
  • Not much to say on Son of Dathomir. I thought was a great and small inclusion.