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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)
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19-Oct-2021, 5:37 PM

sherlockpotter said:

Burbin said:

I don’t see the problem with Pryde saying Palpatine & co. “conjured legions of Star Destroyers”, I don’t think he means that they literally materialized the ships out of thin air. It’s just a riposte to that other officer calling them “conjurers”, he’s simply stating they have brought forth a large & previously unknown fleet, as if being “conjured”.

In any rate I don’t think Pryde would be privy to the inner machinations of the Sith Eternal and their ‘fleet conjuring rituals’, so I don’t see how this line could be read as him explaining the origin of the Sith Fleet.

On the other hand, Kylo was the only person who even went to Exegol (as far as we know), so all any of them would know is what Kylo told them. Why would Kylo, in his official report, say that Palps had “conjured” Star Destroyers if he hadn’t? I’ve always interpreted as Pryde being literal (not to mention, it’s the closest thing the original film offered to an explanation for the Sith Fleet’s existence).

Personally, I’m not super concerned about this either way. If Pryde/the script wants to say that the Sith Fleet was conjured…fine, whatever. It’s not the stupidest thing in the film by a long shot. But if Ascendant does want to downplay that whole aspect…like Chase said, it would probably be more in line with that goal to trim the line.

Like I said, Pryde only uses the word “conjured” as a retort to the other officer’s statement, if he had said “summoners and soothsayers” Pryde would’ve replied “they’ve summoned legions of Star Destroyers”, I don’t think there’s any implication Pryde is explaining the origins of the fleet. And there’s no talk of Kylo filing a report on his visit to Exegol, much less mentioning the word “conjured”, so that’s a leap in logic. All we can surmise from this scene is that Kylo told them about the fleet.

At any rate the official explanation isn’t that the fleet was “conjured up”, but rather simply built in secret, which IS the explanation the original film/script gives, earlier on Poe’s briefing: “His followers have been building something for years, the largest fleet the galaxy’s ever known”. This comes from the intel sent by Hux, so we can assume that’s what Kylo told them.