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Star Wars Video Games - a general discussion thread
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16-Oct-2021, 10:52 AM
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fmalover said:

I originally posted this on the Shadows of the Empire thread, but I think it also fits this one:

So I dusted off my N64 and started replaying the SotE game.

Way back in the day I only finished it on Easy and Medium. Never played it on Hard and Jedi, and I always assumed that Jedi was the toughest difficulty setting but that’s not the case. Jedi is more of a “kill or be killed” type of difficulty, where enemies are essentially glass cannons that go down in one or two shots but do a lot of damage.

Holy shit this game is tough on Hard. I’m currently stuck on the Ord Mantell junkyard, and this is the difficulty setting is where your blaster does the least amount of damage.

I had nightmares about this and still do!

I wish I kept my old gaming magazines with hints and tips for the Star Wars games, tho I suppose YouTube video playthroughs make it a lot easier.
For the Ord Mantell level: it feels like IG 88 is on top of you, stalking you, always near, so it is more difficult to keep clam after playing a long level as this. Keep firing at him from a distance in long straight lines so you can hit, then run like crazy and get into another position and repeat!


Does anyone think the Week 10 page on is an actual game announcement? I think there is more chance for a Star Wars themed controller, maybe a collectors edition version of a PS5 box or decals for it?
Some game web sites are saying it is for a game, but these web sites seem to be more click bait or gossip than facts and news.