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Babylon 5 reboot
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15-Oct-2021, 5:12 PM
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15-Oct-2021, 5:12 PM
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I am really happy about it, with JMS being back at the helm. How often does one get to re-make something you made half a life ago?

Obviously, this could also be really lame. JMS wrote plenty of awesome things but also plenty of shit, one must not forget Legend of the Rangers 😉
However, I think a lot of the problems post-B5 came from the fact that B5 left little on the table for a great ark, with the Shadow War over. Biggest one were the Drakh and thus Crusade obviously had a good hook, but that one got burned with that show’s early demise. Leaving Legend of the Rangers with nothing.

So, I am looking forward to it. The old one still holds up and if the new one is not to my liking, it can be ignored easily enough. But I am ready for some nostaliga-free re-interpretations of a thing I love.

In contrast to Star Trek Discovery, Discovery and the what, which panders to old-Trek all the time while not understanding anything about what made that actually good. Do it truely differently or be a sequel, not 50/50.