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Why Rogue One doesn't work well as a prequel to Star Wars
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15-Oct-2021, 12:35 PM

4throck said:

NeverarGreat said:

As others mentioned the scene is important to complete Vader’s arc from the PT, so it should be in if possible.
Thanks for the suggestions and discussion, it’s helpfull.

Except it really isn’t. Like, at all.

On an idealistic level, I hate that scene with a burning passion. It represents all that the meatheads of the fan base want from the movies – two hours of people getting chopped up by lightsabers with no sense of magic or wonder in the fictional world. No proper character conflict or development, just Vader slashing people up for the pure visual spectacle. Heck, Luke’s re-introduction in The Mandalorian commits the same sin and those same people cling to it.

The hallway scene is the worst moment in the saga and deserves to be cut.