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Why Rogue One doesn't work well as a prequel to Star Wars
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15-Oct-2021, 4:16 AM

NeverarGreat said:

If you wanted to leave the hallway scene, you could just move the bit where the crew is downloading the plans onto the floppy disk and place it after the hallway scene. In this way it is assumed that the plans needed to be transferred to disc before being hand-delivered to the transmission site on the ship (or perhaps the primary comms were damaged and they need to use a backup, whatever). Then you could have a shot establishing the Tantive IV on the opposite side of Scarif or in deep space like RJ suggested receiving the plans and jumping to Hyperspace.

Something like that perhaps. Indeed the hallway scene might be edited to show the disc changing hands before Vader arrives. Some rebels are left behind to stall Vader while the Tantive manages to escape.
As long as Vader doesn’t notice the disc things line up well with ANH.

As others mentioned the scene is important to complete Vader’s arc from the PT, so it should be in if possible.
Thanks for the suggestions and discussion, it’s helpfull.