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That guy with no name
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Star Wars ANH (Devastator edition) (WIP).
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13-Oct-2021, 11:52 AM

Hal 9000 said:

Very kind of you. How you mean “to match the 97SE,” though?

I really like both your and Dat’s current Alderaan explosions. Straight from using the 97SE to an embarrassment of riches.

I don’t loathe the Praxis ring, but what I don’t like is that every major explosion of a planetoid object in the OTSE has it. To me, one is fine but multiple gets weird. And personally, I feel the original Death Star explosion is the one to keep, since I’d feel a little weird going from the SE Battle of Yavin to the original explosion, though its probably just from conditioning.

Okay the death star will have a ring. also by matching it to the 97SE I mean color correcting and Degraining it.