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Discussion: a thread for fan-made Star Wars projects, craft, gizmos, and endeavours
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12-Oct-2021, 10:00 AM
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14-Oct-2021, 1:35 PM
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Fan-made / custom figures, sets, and other content…


'The Fans Doing the Best Work RIGHT NOW!':- - a 10 minute video at the RetroBlasting youtube channel.


RetroBlasting’s ‘Fans Are Doing the Best Work’ youtube playlist (currently 26 videos):- :


Star Wars Procustomfigures and Stan Solo “Great Heep” Droids Figures!’:- - a 13 minute video at the RetroBlasting youtube channel.

Pro Custom Figures…

Rocket Fett (Painted Purple J-Slot)’:- (more variants are available) - store with full range of custom content (inc. non-Star Wars).

Stan Solo… - the store with their full range of Star Wars custom-made content.


'Where Are the Droids We’re Looking For? Star Wars, Hasbro, and Stan Solo:- - a 14 minute video at the RetroBlasting youtube channel.


Star Wars Victories! Custom Kenner-Style Bespin Playset!’:- - a 19 minute video at the RetroBlasting youtube channel.


Rise of Evil, Fall of the Toy Industry’:-

‘Michael has some thoughts about the state of the toy industry.’ (from May 2021) - a 25 minute video at the RetroBlasting youtube channel.


^ If I understand this right… no wonder there are so few Star Wars figures, vehicles and sets etc on store shelves… when the likes of Hasbro run a ‘Hasbro Pulse Premium’ scheme where fans pay them a fee every year for just the access to the possibility of buying some of their content directly online. Apparently demand near-on always exceeds supply for this - resulting in many premium products selling out in seconds…? Leaving many members of the Hasbro Pulse Premium online order scheme out of pocket with nothing to show for their annual subscription.

It seems to be akin to paying an annual fee just to be able to browse.

To say nothing of Hasbro cutting costs and increasing profits by selling products direct online - rather than having to ship / transport to distributors or stores (and giving such outlets their cut of the pie, or not, going on the amount of empty shelves at many stores) - leaving fans with little option other than to pay this annual membership fee to join an already-over subscribed scheme.

Or the numerous scalpers out there.

Fair play to the custom-made / fan-made services providing Star Wars figures, vehicles and sets out there - especially given the current situation and state of the official merchandise.