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Idea & Info: The Exorcist (Original Theatrical Release)
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11-Oct-2021, 3:23 AM

I actually disagree on the theatrical blu-ray audio being bad, at least based off of what’s on HBO Max (which uses the same master)

To me it’s really good sounding and the “lack of surround” activity is due to it being a lot more faithful to the original mono track and doesn’t have the same gag sound effects as the 1997 DVD. I noticed hiss in it too which almost never happens in remixes of mono tracks and why it sounds so detailed

I compared it with the JP laserdisc mono audio I have and it sounds just as detailed to my ears. I didn’t notice a single instance of new sound effects either, unlike the 1997 and director’s cut mixes

The 1997 DVD however sounds awful, tons of noise reduction and the extra gag sound effects I mentioned, everything in it sounds murky