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10-Oct-2021, 6:50 PM

I agree there’s a lot to love about Attack of the Clones (the Coruscant chase scene remains one of my favorite scene from the movies) but there are 4 things that make it one of the worst movie in the saga in my opinion:

-the love story.

-The mystery surrounding Padmé’s assassination attempt/clone army creation makes no sense.

-As people above me already said, the wasted potential of Owen Lars. Anakin’s encounter with his step-family was the perfect opportunity to show us what his life could have been if he never left Tatooine. There could have been a couple of scenes where he and Owen discuss there views of the world: running away on adventures vs staying home safe and not “getting involved”. Anakin could have question the Jedi and his life even more because of that, but ultimately would have to leave to rescue Obi-Wan. I still really like the Tatooine part of the movie as it is, but it’s a shame when I think about what could have been.

-Anakin killing the Tusken raiders feels too extreme.

Sorry this might have been off-topic, so here’s two unpopular opinions:
The Battle of Hoth is overrated
If I had to keep one change from the SE, it would probably be ghost Anakin.