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Aleksis Pakarinen
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10-Oct-2021, 4:49 AM

i actually thought giving R2 dialogue in The Phantom Menace might be funny, and have him talking with the other R2 units and droids in scenes where they are together and imply the only reason Aniken can fly the fighter or launch it is because R2 needed to wait for a pilot to be in the seat before he could take off, and basically R2 turns out to be the real pilot for most of the flying and the reason the fighter autopilots into the battle zone is because that is R2 literally leading him into battle and using him as a meat shield to join his fellow astromech brethren in the glory of combat against the taller droids. Eventually Anakin grows on R2, but it starts out a very rough and abusive relationship where R2 is just trying to fit in with his fellow astromechs. He even volunteers for the suicide mission of flying into the droid ship and blowing it up from the inside out, that is why anakin spins out of control and ends up in their, hes fighting for control of the fighter from R2 and basically losing the entire way.

The beauty of this edit is it explains alot of how events happen and why Anakin becomes such a famous pilot, because of his droid using him for his own glory among his droid brethren