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The Clone Wars: Refocused - Returning to work soon(ish!)
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9-Oct-2021, 7:06 PM
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9-Oct-2021, 10:30 PM
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Hi Eddie,

I’ve now watched every episode you’ve done so far and I’m honestly just astounded by the level of work you have put into this. Whilst I was watching I had a fair few little ideas here and there for possible changes but I was too swept up in the excitement to jot anything down. I’m now going to rewatch all of the episodes again and make some notes, since you seem to welcome all feedback and ideas.

I just rewatched the 2.2 cut of Dark Force Rising and it’s truly amazing work. I have one suggestion for a cut though, and that’s… do we really need the anakin/padme reunion scene? It’s just the same horribly clenched “I love you so much but it’s forbidden” dialogue that made us all sick up when we saw ATOC for the first time and doesn’t add anything new to the characters or advance the plot. All it does do is serve to remind us of their love and connection but I think the shot towards the end where Anakin puts his hand through the hologram of Padme is a much more subtle - and less cringey - way of achieving the same thing. So we could cut directly from Yoda saying “A knight, he shall be” to the cool shot of the light streaming in from the open door to the darkened council chamber (or whatever that room is).

Just a thought : )