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The Clone Wars: Refocused - Returning to work soon(ish!)
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8-Oct-2021, 10:17 AM
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(Re)Released - s01e03 - THE DUCHESS OF MANDALORE (v2.0)

  • RELEASE VERSION, now brought up to my more polished 2.0 standard.
  • Our third episode of the season (formerly our second, but I’ve shifted the first season around and it fits better here).
  • Comprising the original episodes The Mandalore Plot and Voyage of Temptation, featuring Obi-Wan and Satine on Mandalore, Concordia, and the Coronet ship. But notably NOT including any content from the original episode titled Duchess of Mandalore, which features Obi-Wan and Satine on Coruscant (though that episode will emerge later).
  • Running 37 minutes.
  • DOWNLOAD LINK is in the tracker spreadsheet, PM me for access.
  • Note: It’s recommended that you download this before watching, rather than streaming it directly from Google Drive.

This is a really strong arc, so this edit is more of a gentle tightening than anything radical. The most major change is some very careful recutting to remove Obi-Wan getting put on a super goofy Bond villain’s production line OF DEATH, while still getting the characters from A to B. I also removed the small spider droids, which added nothing to the plot, whilst preserving the larger assassin spiders. The episode is moved to here because it adds good value to Obi-Wan and gives us that Mandalorian interest early.

The story now plays out as follows:

  • The episode is titled ‘Duchess of Mandalore’, to highlight the Duchess as a character (since she’s recurring) but also to imply a different Mandalore from what the viewer might expect having seen the other shows.
  • In the intro text we establish that Mandalore is formerly warlike, and now is a peaceful entity leading the Neutral systems in order to preserve their independence from the Republic-Separatist war. I also emphasise the threat of a Separatist-Mandalorian alliance being a real concern to the Republic (a plot thread which will continue through the entire show.) Placed here in the chronology we also establish that the republic is urgently pursuing Grievous (a plot thread that will continue for a few episodes), and so Anakin has escorted Ahsoka back to Coruscant, leaving Obi-Wan to investigate this new crisis solo.
  • We open with Obi-Wan arriving on Mandalore then continue as in the original with some Satine exposition, the bombing, the trip to Concordia, and Obi-Wan going to investigate the mines while Satine dines with Pre Viszla.
  • Then, Obi-Wan gets in the fight with the Mandalorians but we don’t see him captured, and we don’t see him on the conveyor. He calls Satine for backup (after seeing their armour, so he’s not knowingly drawing her into danger), then she comes in, distracts the guards, but then gets grabbed, as Obi-Wan springs from high up to save her.
  • After the main Obi-Wan/Pre Visla fight, I add a scene (from Assassin originally) where Anakin leaves Coruscant to help escort Satine from Mandalore (since that crisis now needs extra help and he’s not yet rejoined the hunt for Grievous), and Ahsoka complains about having to stay and study. This achieves a few goals: Having Ahsoka in the episode (since she’s our show’s main character), explaining future absences, adding useful pacing, and hinting early at a few continuing plot threads.
  • We then conclude the Mandalore Plot content with Anakin joining the pair to escort them all to Coruscant, which flows nicely into the Voyage of Temptation content.
  • I preserve the majority of the good dialogue from the Coronet, but we skip all of the early scenes of spiderbots in the basement of the ship, focusing on the relationships and the backstory. Eventually they go for dinner, but Anakin is called downstairs as some clones have gone missing. We then get the single scene of the Clone being puppeted by the large spiderbot.
  • Anakin calls up to Obi-Wan that one’s got loose - but as Obi-Wan kills it, we skip the scenes of the baby spiders entirely, with a clean cut to Merrik taking her hostage - he’s now just taking advantage of the chaos (since his plan’s been interrupted by the Jedi anyway) rather than waiting to be caught. Everything then plays out the same.