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The Clone Wars: Refocused - Released up to S04E03 (The Lawless)
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5-Oct-2021, 3:34 AM
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5-Oct-2021, 8:15 AM
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  • “Six” was used mainly as it takes up little space in a tight sentence!
  • I will see about destroyed/destroyed though (EDIT: I’ll change this to ‘targeted’/‘destroyed’ and release a new small v2.2)
  • I’m OK with Ahsoka being a recognisable name already. Firstly because Plo is very close to the Wolf Pack and likely would have told them about her. (I bet he’d be excited! It’d be cute.) But more importantly, Anakin is a big name in the Jedi Order and on the front lines. So even on top of military protocol probably doing a lot to keep clones informed about the Jedi they might serve under, Anakin (brash) taking a padawan (requires patience) is probably interesting news.
  • No other options are really available for getting Plo and Ahsoka onto the bridge so quickly. They need to end up there because they’re seen in exposition shots which can’t be cropped, and the celebration shots which I think are necessary to help sell my alternate conclusion. And at this point in the narrative there’s no cutaway we could use to artificially extend the time implied to have passed. So we don’t really have a choice here. In order to mitigate it as best I could, I’ve trimmed the dialogue about Anakin needing to return to the medical station, so instead his flyby of Obi-Wan could be taken as them approaching close to board. And then, once Obi-wan takes over the attack, I used two longer shots almost as re-establishing shots, to very subtly imply a little time passing. I tried a wipe here but it felt wrong, and I also tried switching up Anakin’s audio. If in the other episodes I find some “I’m coming to you” audio I’ll switch that in, but if I don’t find that it’ll have to do as is.
  • (As a side note, we can assume Anakin doesn’t appear so quickly because he’s just acknowledged the battle was tough on his men and he’s probably checking in with the other clones under his command. Whereas Plo is senior and belongs on the bridge, and Ahsoka probably wanted to spend time with Plo once she dismounted.)