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Ladyhawke: RESCORED (Released)
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4-Oct-2021, 9:29 AM

Vilgefortz said:

By the way - do you cut anything or is that re-scoring only? (hoping for the latter)

VERY little is being cut. The movie is awesome and wonderful and lots of other positive adjectives. I’m cutting just a tiny bit of Mouse’s musings when he talks to himself because sometimes it goes on just a little too long and anything else that is cut are either a frame here and there to sync up with the rescoring and if I have to cut any dialogue that can’t be isolated due to the original score (example being when Marquet yells Navarre’s name after the first big fight scene).

Another thing is I want to cut anything that hints at Mouse’s attraction or intent to woo Isabeau because that bothered me a little. I haven’t gotten to those scenes yet, so I’ll keep you updated when I get there. 40 minutes into the movie now and just past the ambush scene where Isabeau, as a hawk, was wounded with an arrow.