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Star Wars: Visions (animated short films) - a general discussion thread - * SPOILERS *
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3-Oct-2021, 10:03 PM
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I’ll be brief because I still have a few episodes to go. I’ll say this: Outside of Speed Racer as a kid (which I loved), I’ve never really cared for anime. To my inexperienced eye, it all looks the same; big eyes, no facial features or depth. I get that it’s huge in the world, it just seemed flat to me.

Until this past week. I hadn’t planned to watch Visions. However, it was only out of disinterest not as any sort of issue I had with the premise. In fact, the idea sounded interesting. A nerd friend pushed a bit and said he thought I’d dig them, at least three or four of them. Plus they’re only 15 minutes each, he said. Give one or two a look and then bail if they don’t interest you.

Long story maybe shorter: I have thoroughly enjoyed these. The artwork is really interesting and the stories are even more so. They’re not connected to The Saga outside of familiar terms and realities in-universe (e.g., the Force, lightsabers, the Empire, Jedi).

These are truly alternate takes in a tangent Star Wars universe. I haven’t even finished the series yet and I’ve already watched two of them twice. I have a whole new appreciation for anime. Color me a fan.

The two I’ve watched twice are The Duel and The Ninth Jedi. I’m sorry they aren’t two hour features. Maybe these seven anime studios will get a second go-round to develop longer episodes.


Finished all but one. I don’t have any interest in the second episode. It seems silly, plus enough with Tatooine already. I saw clips and it looked prequel Tatooine anyway. hard pass for me.
Anyway, I really liked the others quite a lot. I’ve watched all of them twice, two of them three times. If I had to rank by interest, whether it’s story, art, or both;

The Duel
The Ninth Jedi
The Twins
The Village Bride
Lop And Ocho
The Elder