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Ladyhawke: Heart of the Wolf Edition (a WIP)
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3-Oct-2021, 7:22 PM

Vilgefortz said:

musiced921 said:

I’m just going with an mp4 at this point. I used to do the whole DVD menu with special features, but with the advent of blu ray and bigger files, I stick with just mp4’s. For what it’s worth, when I’m finished, I will be making a trailer while I do some test previews and sound checks.

What size of mp4?
I really hope you won’t crop black bars (because that makes things complicated with blu-ray conversion).

I usually do full Blu-ray with menus, but mp4/mkv half the size of it is usually first to be released. When I’ve announced Blu-ray of JLG (which has much better compression - twice the size and two-pass encode) literally no one was interested. Well, their loss, not mine.
Anyway, any edit interesting enough to watch it more than once, I like to have burned as regular Blu.

The size is too early to say. The file I’m working from is 22gb mp4 after I converted it from a 33gb mkv.

I didn’t and won’t be cropping anything. No way lol!

If you like my edit and want to make it into a blu ray, I’d be honored if you shared the finished files and I’ll share it as an option for others in the future.