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Ladyhawke: Heart of the Wolf Edition (a WIP)
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3-Oct-2021, 6:27 PM


Here is another preview! This is the ambush scene after Mouse escapes from Navarre with the help of Isabeau. This shows a combination of some of the original score hits that segue into the new score.

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Vultural said:

You are one of the old school members. Chances are you were active during the Boon tenure.
What are you making with Ladyhawke?
An mp4? Or a DVD with menu and trailer?
Fewer craft the latter nowadays.

I’m just going with an mp4 at this point. I used to do the whole DVD menu with special features, but with the advent of blu ray and bigger files, I stick with just mp4’s. For what it’s worth, when I’m finished, I will be making a trailer while I do some test previews and sound checks.