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1-Oct-2021, 3:38 PM
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JadedSkywalker said:

I think the story works within the context of the film. The one thing i had a problem with was Luke trying to kill Ben in his sleep, he would never do that. It was out of character. I also agree with Mark Hamill that Luke would’ve never given up.

Throwing away the lightsaber makes perfect sense though it is rejecting the call to adventure. It could have been handled differently sure, he could have just handed it back to Rey. This is a weapon for a Jedi, i’m no Jedi. Or even he had forsaken violence and would never take up the sword again.

I think Rian had a story to tell and he could tell it the only way he knew. And he is correct in saying it is about the story. Not the fans. Lucas would have done the same thing. The story has to thrive organically and have its own beats. Rian fits right into the auteur theory of directors, while JJ has a checklist of cool visuals and throw away fan service junk storytelling. The film by copy paste boardroom of executives. Assembly line filmaking and total lack of vision and creativity. He put Luke on an island because he had the total inability to figure out how to include him with Rey and the new cast. At least Rian gave Luke a story purpose even if you disagree with some of its arc or if it even made sense.

Agreed. I think Luke also contemplating killing Ben regresses a point in his character development he already experienced and better.

I think a more likely failing on his part would be being stubborn in his ways and forgetting how he needed help as he always did things as a team in the Original Trilogy like Obi-Wan helping him destroy the Death Star and his father saving him from Palpatine. What would happen if Luke thought he could do everything alone and his failings were his own hubris? He could still care about his family and friends but forget just how important they are when focusing more on the Jedi path.

I also don’t think Luke would give up but I blame J.J. more so for putting the story in the position to make it the only logical explanation as to why he’d walk away from his family and friends.

I don’t particularly like him tossing the lightsaber but I think that’s because of how it’s portrayed as comical and not serious. However I do admit to sort of giggling when the porgs are playing with it.

Exactly again. That’s why I appreciate Rian’s take more too. I may not always agree with his vision but I can at least get there to a degree and appreciate the film on its own merits. It doesn’t feel like it’s a full on lack of vision, creativity, and respect but instead like it challenges our notions of what a Star Wars film can be. I like it a lot for the same or similar reasons. I just find that it at the same time doesn’t connect to George Lucas Star Wars as it’s vastly different in voice, tone, and style.