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Terminator 2 Extreme Edition: HD WMV - info wanted
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29-Sep-2021, 7:08 PM
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2-Oct-2021, 10:06 AM
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To decrypt T2 Terminator 2 Extreme Edition High definition WMV files (from T2 Extreme DVD 4756 disc 2 / barcode of dvd case 065935147565 - looks like canadian release / barcode on metal slipcover 012236140986 ) you need FreeMe2 program/application and SID key “sdhtUExMi/atMjFIxpXnFPQBdio=” or “LCqa6j9UTtiPj3FZKZ0pFnIYzaM=” (please watch out for quotes - remove quotes from commands etc.).

  1. download freeme2 program/application ( or or search on the project website: - date of access 2021.09),
  2. extract freeme2 archive (unzip),
  3. copy wmv files from dvd to freeme2 directory,
  4. start command line (use keys win+r, then enter cmd),
  5. change directory to freeme2 (by using cd command) i.e “cd C:\Users\Mike\Desktop\Freeme2”,
  6. run freeme2 with s and filename parameters i.e “FreeMe2.exe -s T2_Part1.wmv”,
  7. enter SID key " sdhtUExMi/atMjFIxpXnFPQBdio=" (or “LCqa6j9UTtiPj3FZKZ0pFnIYzaM=”) and wait for decrypted file i.e. “Freed-T2_Part1.wmv” (file should be created in freeme2 directory). Watch decrypted file in windows media player (WMP 9 or 10 should be ok).
  8. repeat step 6-7 with other wmv files from T2 dvd changing filename parameter (i.e. FreeMe2.exe -s T2_Part2.wmv)

I am a fan of SF movies and I bought T2 Terminator 2 Extreme Edition specially to check that high definition version of the movie and I was sad and crushed when I discovered that they used drm protected files and because of this they take away possibility to use/watch it. I post this information for other fans of SF and movies generally.