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Star Wars: Visions (animated short films) - a general discussion thread - * SPOILERS *
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24-Sep-2021, 2:22 AM

The Duel
Love the Kurosawa homage but it’s so visually dark that my eyes had trouble distinguishing what was happening. 7/10
Tatooine Rhapsody
Not a huge fan of the animation style. Generic rock ‘n’ roll in front of Jabba the Hutt was pretty jarring. Overall just kinda boring. 5/10
The Twins
Ridiculous, over-the-top nonsense that only Imaishi and Studio Trigger could deliver. Absolutely beautiful with great action but a little too crazy, even for me. 6/10
The Village Bride
The most forgettable of the bunch. A detached, alternative view of the Force is an interesting concept but it needs a lot more exposition for it to really work. 4/10
The Ninth Jedi
Excellent all around with a twist that I really didn’t see coming. 9/10
Astro Boy terraforms a desert planet into a lush paradise and slays Sith Inquisitors with the help of his droid friends. Tezuka would have loved this. 10/10
The Elder
Perfect Prequel-era story with a delightfully evil villain. 10/10
Lop and Ocho
Story doesn’t really work in this short format but everything else is superb. 8/10
Really disliked the animation style and the story felt more incomplete than the others. Some good still shots though. 5/10