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The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)
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23-Sep-2021, 7:23 PM

Movies Remastered said:

*short interval

Awwwww, guys!! You’re gonna make me blush. I’m only swinging by to say thanks for the PMs sharing all the kind words being said me. I’m honoured you care so much.

PLEASE don’t let Testing take the credit for my departure. He’s clearly a sad little idiot who’s still gonna claw through sites he’s trolled to get a kick out people still talking about him. Hi Testing! 👋 Best thing to do is just forget he ever existed and carry on.😉

I’m still gonna finish the crackling saber vfx and other scenes for The Last Hope so I’ll share once they’re done but I can’t do much until I can buy a new computer that can handle long hours using After effects.

I have indeed unsubbed from a lot of threads/sites lately only because conversations seem to be going around in circles or crossingover too much with what I’ve already done in The Last Hope. I’ve been getting a lot of trolls saying I’m stealing scenes I’ve made myself or collab’d on but didn’t get credited. I’ve also had disagreements with other youtubers claiming my work as theirs and clipping my videos etc so this little disagreement with Hal was just the cherry on the cake.

Honestly, No hard feelings with anyone, I may return once I’m fully operational but for now I’m avoiding public interactions as much as possible because I’m too old for playground antics or conversations that don’t seem to lead anywhere positive.

If anyone needs help, advice or wanna run mock-ups/ideas past me I’ll still be on PM when I can.

“Now, back to regular programming…” ✌

insert return of the king refference