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RocketJump's Video on Star Wars "being saved in the edit" is Literally a Lie (*no, it is not)
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21-Sep-2021, 1:08 AM
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As the late great Jonathan Rinzler said in his interview with Rick Worley, George was there in the editing room with the team and part of the crafting of what it became. Every final decision with the film came down to him. As well as sometimes even George was talked out of his good ideas as Marcia relates in the book that Brian De Palma thought George should take out references to “May the Force be with you” in the first film. It was Marcia who convinced George that he should include them. Just like on the Prequels it was Ron Howard who helped a certain moment in the podrace to create further tension. Star Wars has always been a collaborative venture but it all came down to George in the old days. He had final say and depending on your certain point of view that was for better or worse. I miss him greatly and after these latest developments I’m starting to find further acceptance in knowing I’m not alone in my feelings.