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RocketJump's Video on Star Wars "being saved in the edit" is Literally a Lie (*no, it is not)
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21-Sep-2021, 12:24 AM

oojason said:

Stardust1138 said:

Marcia Lucas spoke about this in Jonathan Rinzler’s Howard Kazanjian book. She debunks the narrative that she is the sole reason for “saving” the film.

Many of us on here are aware of the downplaying or ignoring of Marcia Lucas’ contributions to the films in the official Star Wars history - and applaud content which illustrates and highlights her input - along with the input and work of others too… yet there is now a narrative where she is the sole reason for ‘saving’ the film? And the above words debunked that narrative? Huh.

Come on man, I know you’ve heard this before. This isn’t new to you.