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What do you think of the Sequel Trilogy? - a general discussion thread
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20-Sep-2021, 6:55 PM

I think Han’s death should mostly get a pass simply because Ford probably would have insisted on it happening in VII no matter what, though it probably would have sat better with a lot of fans if it hadn’t followed a period of estrangement from his wife and a trauma-induced regression to his old career as an escape.

The logic and implementation of Luke’s death were magnificent—the ultimate manifestation of using the Force for knowledge and defense. But there were two issues with it. There’s the meta problem that they stuck with the decision when they knew Carrie’s passing would leave Episode IX without Leia’s intended role as OT Big Three anchor/primary mentor. Luke’s TLJ death easily could have been replaced with Luke raising his X-Wing, allowing him to take a more active role in Rey’s Jedi training as well as helping guide the Resistance (with the severe toll of Force Projection still explaining why Luke couldn’t just be the badass Uber-Jedi savior winning the new heroes’ fight for them).

Then there’s the narrative problem: Luke dies with his major unfinished business—restoring the Jedi Order—unfulfilled and presumably transferred to Rey (only for Abrams to end the Saga with Rey not doing anything about it either). That’s an inexcusable, inexplicable omission, a failure to deliver on perfectly-rational fan expectations, and one major point on which the old Expanded Universe will always have an edge over Disney canon.