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Master Lawdog
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Superman: Ultimate Edition (Released)
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19-Sep-2021, 4:18 PM
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17-Oct-2021, 7:36 PM
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Master Lawdog
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This project takes all three official cuts of the original Superman film, directed by the late great Richard Donner, and hybridizes it into the best version of the film. I love this movie, but I wanted to pick and choose elements from each cut that I liked best, similar to my work on my edits to the Original Star Wars Trilogy.

It is mainly based off of the 4K remaster of the theatrical cut, while taking scenes and elements from the director’s cut and extended TV cut that expand upon sequences to add a little something to the story and characters. Parts of John Williams’ score that was not used has been restored as well.

Below I have marked each change with an anagram referring to one of the three official cuts. Each scene plays out either longer or shorter depending on each version.
TC = Theatrical Cut
DC = Director’s Cut
TV = 3 Hour TV Cut

Update the Warner Bros. logo.

Add in the DC Comics logo to the one featured in Superman Returns.

Discussion about the villains sent to the Phantom Zone (DC)

Introduction to Vond-Ah (DC)

Jor-El Threatened to be Sent to the Phantom Zone. (DC)

Destruction of Krypton (TC)

Kal-El’s Space Trip (TC)

Jonathan and Martha Kent’s Discussion about Discovering Kal-El. (TC)

Introduction to Football (TV)

Conversation with Lana Part 1 (TV)

Possibly may slightly alter the pitch of Jeff East’s voice to match Christopher Reeve’s voice.

Clark & Brad (TV)

Clark Racing the Train (TC)

Car Ride (TC)

Discovering the Crystal (TC)

Clark Wandering the North Pole (TC)

Clark Looking Around the Fortress of Solitude (TC)

Jor-El & Clark’s Discussion (TC)

Cab Ride (TV)

Clark Kent at Daily Planet (TC)

Introduction to Otis (TV)

Following Otis (TC)

High Angle Shot (TV)

Following in Train Station (TC)

Lex, Otis & Ms. Teschmacher (TV)

Chopper Landing (TC)

Superman’s First Flight (TV)

Superman & the Girl’s Conversation (TV)

Pilots in the Plane (TC)

Superman & Jor-El’s Conversation (DC)

Pedestrians in Front of Window (DC)

Lois’ Interview (TC)

Missile Dodges Superman (TV)

Missile’s Destruction (DC)

Jimmy Taking the Picture (TV)

Lois & Jimmy (TC)

Superman Capturing Lex (TV)