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Why Rogue One doesn't work well as a prequel to Star Wars
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18-Sep-2021, 11:26 PM

Vader was playing with Luke in The Empire Strikes Back. Like a cat playing with a mouse. He could have easily have killed him, he was the far superior swordsman. Luke was impelled by his hate and reckless and got in one lucky strike of his lightsaber. Vader was corrupting him tempting him to cross over to the dark side and Luke nearly did. In the next film Return of the Jedi Luke wears all black like his father and has a machine hand just like his father. And his first act in that film is to get Revenge on Jabba and to rescue Han Solo.

Ultimately in the Throne room he makes the choice to not kill his father and throws away his lightsaber when he realizes he is turning into Vader.

The war is only won when Anakin throws Palpatine down the reactor core in a final act of defiance. Its too bad it was undone by the Rise of Skywalker.

It is an act of faith when Luke is willing to stake his life on the good in his father, he wills the spark of light within Anakin into existence with his belief, when he proudly proclaims to Palpatine i am a Jedi like my father before me. If he had been wrong wow he just would have been cooked by Palpatine’s force lightning.

As for Rogue One i liked the design esthetic and how it looked the most Star Wars of anything since Empire. The writing and directing and the shaky cam weren’t really very Star Warsy. But the soundtrack was pretty close even if it wasn’t John Williams. And it doesn’t suffer from being poorly lit like Solo. Also like Last Jedi the digital models are really good they are as good as you are going to get with cgi, the only way to get better detail would be physical models. Leia and Tarkin look like they are out of a videogame though. There is something about them that isn’t quite believable while Leia in Episode 9 was. Vader’s design was correct even down to his lenses being red like in Star Wars.

What i missed was it seemed to get to the edge of being really gritty and bold and it held back. I wanted to see more of the more rogue and dirty aspect of the rebellion, wanted to see more of Saw.