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Definitive VIDEO Guide to Star Wars Changes (WIP; FEEDBACK WANTED)
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17-Sep-2021, 8:34 PM

oojason said:

Re Section 1; on the general presentational front… I think you got it spot on.

For a 40 minute video it didn’t feel that long - and you left me wanting to see more. The humour spaced throughout didn’t jar - and was a welcome addition without being too OTT or distracting (you know people are going to pause the video and rush off to post on reddit that Lucas played old-timey piano for some theatre showings - before they later delete their posts after watching the rest of the video!) 😃

You also did a great job with the comparisons between differing takes and audio used - keeping them clear & concise. The presentation and transitions between the many differing takes made them easy to distinguish, intriguing to watch, and easier to remember (which is important important for fans of a certain age).

I think you’re going to surprise a lot of people and have them reaching for their old videos, laserdiscs and such to play the differences themselves. As well as jogging a lot of good memories even for those who know their pre-97 stuff.

Quality work, 13las.


I appreciate the kind words.

For everyone following the project, I hit a bit of a snag last week when I got sick. Feeling better now (I’m vaccinated and tested negative for COVID as well) but my voice still sounds congested so I’m holding off on recording more narration.

In the meantime I’ve been working on anything that I can on the visual side, while simultaneously trying to balance work and a social life. I’m really happy with how this project is turning out but damn has it been a lot of work!