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What do you think of the Sequel Trilogy? - a general discussion thread
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Servii said:

and shows that even our heroes are people that fail

I just want to say, the OT already did this whole “heroes are fallible people, too” theme, just with more subtlety. Luke is constantly vulnerable throughout the trilogy, fails constantly in ESB, and has to be rescued at the climax of all three movies. By RotJ, he’s presenting himself as this big hero, but he’s still struggling with doubt and fear over the course of the movie. His victory in the end is very much a personal, spiritual one (rather than a glorious, material victory), which required him to “surrender” himself and take a leap of faith. It’s an unconventional end to a hero’s journey.

Exactly. I think that’s one aspect of George’s planned Sequels that intrigues me the most. Luke would have stood up by the the end of the trilogy as restorer of the Jedi Order. He would’ve had his material victory after failing at first. It’s interesting to consider as it makes a compelling reason why his Jedi Order may have failed at first. He wasn’t ready for the mantel after being helped so many times as even within the trilogy that was the case with the Solowalker daughter bringing him out of his rut. I like the idea of her inheriting the mantel of Jedi Master for all she does to help Luke find his way after he passes on and how she is central in defeating Darth Maul and Datth Talon. It shows that we can’t accomplish things alone. Sometimes we need someone to help us. It’s a very core and main Star Wars theme. It makes me wonder though where the Solowalker son comes into all of this as he succumbs to the Dark Side.

I think it would’ve worked just fine for Luke and the Solowalker daughter to both have central roles in the trilogy. It doesn’t have to take away from the new characters to give Luke a bigger role to play. This goes for both George’s Sequels and the ones we were given.

It’s interesting to consider as it probably wouldn’t have gone exactly like this but it does make me consider lines that may have been drawn through the Trilogy that connect to the previous trilogies without stepping on top of them.

The Jedi were always important to the Republic as they settled conflicts and disputes as peacekeepers before the Clone War. It’s just they lost their way through mainly the war but through compliancy that was shown to have been there in the years prior. Palpatine’s deception also made it appear they weren’t needed. I mean it goes without saying as Luke was the Jedi figure within the Rebel Alliance as Obi-Wan would’ve been on Alderaan if they had been able to deliver to Bail the Death Star plans. The Rebels were just more focused on bringing down the Empire than Jedi affairs. That’s even the role Luke took within their ranks as with the Rebels being a Jedi was second to the common goal they shared. He was seen as Commamder Skywalker to the Rebels. The Jedi and Republic/Rebel Alliance are very much mutually connected but it’s not the focal point at the time of the Galactic Civil War. The question more so is how they would work together after the end of the Empire when everything is in flux.