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Star Wars Abridged III: The Resistance — A complete 3-in-1 reimagining of the sequel trilogy (Released)
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10-Sep-2021, 4:53 PM
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Finally finished the third film in my Abridged series. Whereas the first and second films roughly followed the source material, Abridged 3 is a radical departure.

The major change is moving the story another generation in the future and making Rey Leia and Han’s granddaughter: Rey Solo. Ben Solo no longer exists and Kylo Ren is the character’s given name. Reylo was a thing in my story but it’s part of the characters’ backstory (rather than happening in the story). Kylo is basically a creepy, stalky, ex-boyfriend now.

Because it is set 60 years after Endor, very few of the OT characters appear. Having the First Order rise on their watch (along with other decisions about the characters) never sat right with me so let’s just assume they had their happily ever after, more or less. Palpatine is gone too so we just have Snoke as the main bad guy.

Starkiller Base is now located on Exogal and the final battle sees Poe fighting in his starfighter, Finn and Rose infiltrating the base, and a final duel between Rey and Kylo on the surface of Exogal. Instead of cutting Canto Bight out, it’s now an integral part of the story find someone who can help lower the shields to Starkiller Base.

All three films are now available! PM me if you want copies!